Monday, July 2, 2012


I took the boys to the library this week for the first time in a year. We purposefully avoided story time and went for the sole purpose of getting acquainted with the children's area, enjoying all of the fun things that the lbrary has to offer hello, waterfalls and giant sail boat! and, most importantly, checking out books. Who knew you could check out up to THIRTY children's books at a time?! Thirty! OK, every other mom in the city probably knows this, but I was floored. And, of course, I acted totally non-chalant about it as if checking 30 books at a time is the norm and that I actually wish we could get more as my chldren are so incredibly gifted that we blow through and memorize 30 books in a matter of minutes at our house.
So the boys played and I tried to wrap my head around finding 30 books I was willing to read countless times over the course of the next week. I think my strategy in the future is going to be to tackle one row at a time. Like, find 30 books from authors whose last names begin with the letter A and so on. I was a total amateur jumping from aisle to aisle trying to remember titles of books I had seen or heard of or authors of some of my favorites. In the end I pretty much just grabbed whatever was on display because, well, that was just easier with a certain recently walking one year old trying to escape to see the fish.

In the end we ended up with 11 books, which seemd like a ton, but we have already gone through them all about 8 times and I am ready for some new ones to add to the mix. And my favorite part? Anderson insisted upon checking out the Jennifer Capriati: Teen Tennis Star book for some reason. Too funny, that boy.

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