Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes it is. No, wait, maybe not.

Seems like we have been blaming teething for every little cry and wimper for months now. For about 4 months to be exact. Interestingly enough, Anderson still has no teeth. A few weeks ago we thought we saw what appeared to possibly be the beginnning of a little chiclet popping up, but alas, it is now gone. Oh teeth, how you do elude us. I know you will be here soon, but when? And, more importantly, how will you announce your arrival? Gradually, without a sound, the way the hair on Anderson's head finally did? Or will you arrive with shrieks and shrills and countless nights of sleeplessness? However you may choose to sprout, we will be waiting patiently. Enjoying every last second of that just-want-to-eat-you-up-you-are-so-cute toothless grin.

image: oeuf

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Completely unnecessary, but totally cute

If a super cute photo op were reason enough to allow me to buy a $290 children's stool, Anderson would have this


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More than a few of my favorite {baby} things

For as many totally un-necessary and rather useless baby items out there, I have come to love, recommend, and swear by even more. Sure, every baby is different and what is a godsend for some may be a total nightmare for others, but these are by far my favorites:

  • uppa baby vista stroller. It has a couple of quirks, but it is the only stroller that quadruples as a "snap 'n go", a bassinet, a regular stroller, and even a jogger. And the basket is huge- so important. Oh, and you can add a rumble seat and a kick board to avoid buying a double or triple hauler.

  • aden and anais swaddling wraps. Not only are they the only blanket worth using to swaddle, but they are great for covering the stroller and are way better than a Hooter Hider for nursing.

  • halo sleep sacks. Because you can't use a blanket in the crib. Oh, and they were my life saver when it came time to "break the swaddle".

  • my brest friend. Don't get sucked into the Boppy world. Yes, I have used the Boppy as support when Anderson wass learning to sit, but only because it was given to me. If you are planning to nurse, My Brest Friend is the only way to go. And if you have a C-section I cannot tell you how invaluable it is.

  • hand-held medela breast pump. As archaic as it seems, I love having the hand-held pump. I use it when I just don't feel like being hooked up to "the machine". And it's great in the car (yes, I often have to pump while driving. Uggghhhhh.) The hand pump is really only a backup, however. Though tough to swallow, spend the money and get an electric double pump.

  • baby bjorn/baby hawk mei tai. I use and love both. The Bjorn is so easy to put on and is great when they are really little. (Make sure to get the "Active" model which has back support.) The mei tai is easier on my back now and I can wear it as a back pack as well as in the front. Spend the money. If you plan to be a "baby-wearer" you'll need a quality carrier.

  • video monitor. I know this is totally not a necessity, but I cannot imagine not having it. There is nothing better than watching Anderson sleep.

  • lots and lots of baby wash cloths. I use a new one in the bath every day and another new one for face washing after meals. That's a lot of wash cloths!

  • jumperoo. OMG it is too cute to watch them go crazy in the jumper. Not to mention it buys you a few minutes to take a shower, use the bathroom, close your eyes, etc.

  • dekor diaper pail. I never really understood the whole Diaper Genie diaper sausage maker thing. I suppose I am just diaper pail challenged.

  • play gym mat. Anderson certainly did not use his for tummy-time as there is nothing he hates more, but he loves batting at the little hanging toys.

  • born free bottles. They don't leak. They are easy to clean. They supposedly reduce belly aches and colic.

  • baby food processor. I make all my own baby food and have used the big Cuisinart, the little Cuisinart, the potato masher, and the stick blender. Nothing beats the Magic Bullet type processor.

  • stick sunscreen. What a fabulous idea.

  • bebe pod. I use this thing multiple times a day as a high chair, a "learn-to-sit chair", and a safe place to stick baby to play for a few minutes when I need a break. The new ones even have a strap. Fancy.

  • britax roundabout 50. I don't think I have ever researched a single product as much as I did the carseat. If I drove a bigger car, I would have gone for the Marathon or the Decathlon, but at some point I would like to have adults fit in my car. The Roundabout 50 is the same as the Marathon, only narrower.
Wow. This list is a bit longer than anticipated and I could have kept on going. I know that people always say, "you don't really need that much for a baby" and they are right. I certainly don't need many of these things, but they sure do make my life a lot easier and I wouldn't want to be without them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If I had only known

It's no wonder the baby business is always booming- they suck you in with how cute things are and then when you find out how absolutely useless they are you have to go spend even more money to buy something that actually suits your needs. Now, I am the first to admit that I do own some of these things and have actually used them, but if I had it to do over, I would make better choices. So here goes, my list of "just not worth it" baby items:

  • cute bibs. Let's remember here that the point of a bib is to get dirty. Filthy dirty. With foods that stain with absolutely no chance of ever coming out. One of the best gifts I received was a ten-pack of really ugly bibs with stupid sayings on them. 7 months ago I could have never dreamed of opening them. Now I use them every day. The 2 cute bibs that were handmade for me sit in the closet unused.

  • any blanket under 36 inches square. If it is smaller than that it is too hard to use for a swaddle and by the time they don't need/want to be swaddled, anything smaller is too small. (OK, you should have maybe 2-3 small blankets for use in the carseat or stroller, but you can't use them in the crib so many more and you'll be on blanket overload. Trust me on this one- I have 3 drawers of unused blankets.)

  • a cloth high chair cover. Remember my problem with cute bibs? You will use your high chair 3 times a day if not more. Unless you want to wash that cute cover twice daily, skip it. It really doesn't look that cute in your dining room when it is covered in peas and carrots.

  • pacifiers. The hospital will give you one and, if at all possible, you shouldn't even be using it. If your baby is a pacifier baby, chances are you will go through a few (or ten) different ones before finding "the right one".

  • sanitizers, sterilizers, bottle and wipe warmers. You can sanitize/sterilize in boiling water. Cold wipes never hurt anybody. (And they are really not that cold anyway.) You should get your baby used to taking a cold bottle from the get go. It just is not reasonable to be standing at the sink waiting for the water to get hot to then swirl the bottle for a few minutes while the baby is screaming. Do this when they are teeny tiny and then get them used to a tall cold one.

  • baby shoes. They can't walk. And their toes are the absolute cutest thing ever. Buy some Trumpette socks and some Robeez. They are cuter and much more practical.

  • swing. I actually did use my swing and I know many a baby that would probably never fall asleep but for their swing, but this is one of those "try it before you buy it" items. I swear everyone will tell you "you have to have a swing". The truth is many babies go absolutely ballistic in them. Borrow it from a friend before committing to the over $50 purchase.

  • any wipes other than Huggies. They are the best. Period.

  • bath toys that squirt water. They are like bacteria gardens.

  • bumbo seat. The bebe pod is better. Babies can escape out of the bumbo (and some little chubbers get stuck in it!) and the tray is a bit of a nightmare.

  • dreft laundry detergent. You can buy any brand of "free and clear" detergent. It is exactly the same and costs about $10 less per bottle.

  • expensive crib sheets. One explosion and you'll understand why.

  • attractive underwire nursing bras. You'll regret it. Promise. Just get the ugly non-underwire one. Are you really going to attempt to be sexy while nursing? Eww.

  • baby oil. I still haven't figured out what you would do with this.

  • thick cutesy burp cloths (the ones with the fabric down the middle). They are way too thick in the middle (they are meant to be diapers, after all). I can't really explain it, but they are just kind of awkward for mouth wiping. I have never been an over-the-shoulder burp cloth wearer, but I imagine they work well for that.

So I am sure that some, if not many of these items have been useful for some moms, but when it comes to stocking up, necessities they are not. Next up, my absolute favorite, why-would-you-even-consider-anything-else items.