Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Over Martin Luther King weekend we went on a last minute trip to Big Bear. As it was in the 80s here by the beach, we knew better than to expect much in the way of snow. Fortunately the small amount of ice on the ground and the snow machines allowed for the boys to have their first snow experience. Even if one particular 4.5 year old had more than a few grumpy moments. There aren't many pictures as at times like these, I'd rather just take it all in rather than try to "capture" it all. But I still can't believe I have not one picture of the boys bundled up in their snow gear or tubing down the mountain. They were pretty darn cute. I promise.
Funny faces.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas came. And went.

I'm within a month's time so I find it totally acceptable to just now be sitting down to write about the Christmas that almost wasn't. With the stomach flu taking out first Beck, then Gabe (and subsequently no less than 9 others members of the extended family), things didn't go exactly as anticipated. Though they never really do, do they? I managed to pull it together and play Santa and we at least got a glimpse of Gabe on Christmas morning, but the whole day was a bit of a downer and there certainly weren't many pictures taken. Four to be exact. But despite the craziness, the vomit, and the stress, treats were made and delivered, presents wrapped and unwrapped, and smiles broke through (just not for the camera). Next year has to be better. It just has to.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The year in books

Clearly 2013 was my year of random books. Though there are a few missing from this list which is why I need a list, I cant remember what I've read, this past year I either cried, laughed, or had nightmares nearly every night. I read recently that you can tell a lot about a person from the books that they read. I'm not so sure. I can watch serious documentaries for days (love them), but give me a biography or other non-fiction book and I'll likely not make it pass the foreword. My favorite of the past 12 months? Hard to say, really. I enjoyed every one for a different reason and would recommend them all. Ha! I'm no help at all.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Longing for the days

Missing the long, warm, lazy days of summer. The picnics and concerts in the park, the lack of responsibility, the carefree and lingering mornings. I'm not anxious for summer again just quite yet (my goodness I haven't even gone through the pictures of last summer yet), but my soul has been craving just a little visit. Isn't that just January's way?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tell me

It's not that I didn't know something was wrong, it's just that I didn't want to be that mom. The one who is over-bearing, over-protective, and over-worried about every little thing her kids do or do not do at certain ages. But I knew. I knew that at two years old Beck should have been speaking and I knew that he was behind. But still I waited. By two and nearly a half it had been long enough. After countless evaluations by his doctor, therapists, and social workers it was determined that Beck had a "severe" speech delay, with (thank God) no other developmental delays observed. News we could totally handle. It has been a many-months long process including state, private, and school district services, but we are finally seeing some real progress. Whereas just 4 months ago he had a vocabulary of just 8 comprehensible words (when 250+ is considered "normal") he now uses more words than we can even count. What we can understand, well, that is still far from normal, but there are words just the same. With twice weekly private therapy sessions and an upcoming evaluation through the school district in which an IEP will be put in place and services provided at a local elementary school, we hope to find him well within the "normal" range within the next year. Boy do we love this little guy. And now he can tell us he loves us, too. :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013, a list of sorts

2013 was a good year. Below, a numerical listing of ups, downs, and everything in between.
12 years as "Gabe and Mimi"
7 years as "the Palmers"
4 years as parents
2 years as a family of four
3 new sports (t-ball, swimming, soccer)
9 soccer games
1 trip to Chuck E. Cheese
6 trips to the Natural History Museum
40+ trips to 31 Flavors
3 public tantrums
463 oh my God, why did I want kids again? moments
1 painted bedroom
1 new old piano
12 sewing projects
26 various home, art, and craft projects started but never completed
11 snack duties
5 computer repairs, resulting in
1 new hard drive
37,000+ photos saved thanks to the computer guys and a lot of prayers
0 Christmas cards sent
100 envelopes and blank cards ordered
6 trips to the mechanic
4,500 dollars to fix my stupid paid-for car (though technically I don't pay until next week, so I guess that falls into 2014?)
3 paid off vehicles
2 paid off medical bills
63 forgotten to-do lists
6,342 snuggles, giggles, and tickle fights
4 closets still waiting to be organized
17 blog drafts never published
0 regrets

All in all, it was a very good year. Overwhelmed, broke, and patience-testing on every level, but still one of the best years yet. 2 days in and 2014 seems to promise much of the same, but I wouldn't have it any other way.