Thursday, July 19, 2012


Because Anderson is highly advanced or because he watches too much Caillou he's been asking to go to a museum. Needless to say there are not a ton of museums geared towards three year olds and even fewer that do not charge a fortune for admission so we headed to the Discovery Science Center last week to brush up on our science skills. Well, I brushed up on propulsion and trajectory and the kids mainly just ran around like, well, kids. We didn't stay but an hour and a half, but the kids saw a crocodile and a monkey, jumped on lily pads, played a garbage sorting game and pretended to be mama birds feeding their babies. They had a pretty great time and admission was free! I'm hoping to head back for some more exploring before summer's end and to see the dinosaur exhibit that Anderson has not stopped talking about yet refused to go see while we were there.

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