Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anderson | On your first day of preschool...

Today you started preschool. Preschool! OK, summer school preschool which is kind of like pre-preschool, but it is school, nonetheless! We have been so fortunate that you have always been home with Daddy or me, but you were so ready for something new, ready for change. It seems that no matter how creative we think we are, Daddy and I just can't compare to a room full of kids your own age. Eleven other kids, to be exact. With Baby Beck it is just so hard to keep you occupied and engaged every minute. I am constantly worrying about balancing structured play with learning time and just plain old fun. I guess it goes with the territory. I worry daily that I am not challenging your mind enough, not nurturing your interests enough, not socializing you enough. I am hoping that going to school a couple of days a week for a few hours will put my mind at ease at least just a bit.

I always hear people comment about how "advanced" or "bright" their children are at such a young age and I wonder exactly what composes their frame of reference. Are you advanced or gifted or maybe just plain smart? I don't know. You are 3. You are funny. And cute. And you sing and dance and keep me on my toes. But who is to say if you are going to excel academically or achieve greatness in the arts? Who knows if Mrs. Berry, your new teacher, will be the one who inspires something within you, who helps you uncover a passion or a talent that was buried deep inside?  As a teacher my only hope is that you enjoy school, that you see it as a place of opportunity. Whether you are at the top of your class or right there in the middle please, please just don't be at the bottom, what matters most is that the love and excitement you had this morning as you entered your classroom for the first time carries with you through the years; that the pride you have for your toilet paper roll fire cracker (first school art project ever! but why can't it be flat so that I can store it neatly? ughhh!) comes through in everything you do.

Some people act like preschool is no big deal and that it is just glorified play time. Maybe that is true. But to me it is the beginning of so much more. It is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to make new friends. It is a place to learn how to be you when Mommy and Daddy are not there watching, a place to learn how to be a student, a place to learn to respect teachers.

You made me one proud mama today, Anderson. That toilet paper roll fire cracker holds a most special place in my heart for all that it represents. I love you, baby boy.


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