Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

It was a low-key kind of Halloween and that was just fine by us. The black widow and the more-often-than-not headless beetle made the rounds with their best buddy Jakey and the whole thing wrapped up by 6:30 when Anderson declared it was getting late, he had enough candy, and it was time for bed. OK, then. Party animals or bugs, as it were.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The cutest black widow in town | homemade spider costume

If Anderson had it his way, he'd have been the same beetle that he's been for the last 2 Halloweens. Except it didn't fit. It barely fit last year, but that was good enough for him, so this year we needed something new. But not too new, because being a bug (insect? arachnid?) is just entirely too great. I started out making a tarantula, but realized that without the red belly, he would just look like a furry black blob. I have never made a costume, and had absolutely zero luck in finding a pattern at the fabric store or online so I had to just wing it. I'm so happy with this little costume I can hardly stand it. Even if he did refuse to let me tie up the leg pieces, resulting in floppy legs, I just can't help but think he's the cutest little arachnid around. And of course Beck got to be the beetle. Because bugs are the best!