Thursday, May 17, 2012


Baby Beck, yesterday I came home and you were walking. And not just one wobbly step, but five or six full-fledged, official Frankenstein steps right into my arms that made my heart simply melt. Apparently you decided it was time and that was that. Until you fell. Sideways. It was awful. The piercing screams were unbearable and in about a quarter of a second I went from over-joyed to a complete wreck. Nothing appeared broken (images of protruding bones filled my head as I rushed to get your clothes off), but you were obviously in pain. Now I'm not one who is quick to call the doctor or assume something is wrong (you will hate me for that when you are older, just as I did my mom when she would make me go to school because I "was probably fine"), but you wouldn't even put your foot on the ground so the call was quickly made.

X-rays were taken and everything appears fine, though it certainly does not feel fine as evidenced by your screams when you put pressure on your leg and your crawling with your right foot held up in the air. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery. I'm so thankful it wasn't anything worse than a minor sprain. I can't even imagine a little baby cast!

Needless to say you are no longer walking. But when you do I will be armed with the video camera. And I will surround you with pillows.

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