Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Some pretty terrible pictures, but a pretty fun last few days.

1. Anderson has been tending to his sunflowers daily. And getting very dirty doing so.
2. Baby Beck has discovered his love for playing "construction site". Finally, something they can do together.
3. Out with the crib, in with the bunk beds.
4. Anderson loves, loves, loves, posing with these posters from our Christmas cards.
5. I love when the neighbor girls come over to play. Anderson loves it even more.
6. Baby Beck has the sweetest face. His slight sleep regression these past few nights is killing me, but I still love that sweet face.
7. Anderson waited in line to ride the tiger only to have it swiped by a very menacing four year old. He settled for the bear. A much better choice in my opinion.
8. Oh how Baby Beck can swing. The park is so much more fun these days now that he can swing and slide.
9. This little bunny had no idea what was coming when these two approached him from either side. The farm is becoming our new weekend go-to spot.
10. Anderson rode in the "coal car" all by himself at the Spectrum. By himself!
11. We spend about $3 a week in pennies for various fountains. The boy has big wishes.
12. Cinco de mayo was spent with British drama and Thai food. The beer was Mexican, at least. We're fairly multi-cultural in this house.
13. I actually got to not only shop, but try on and buy a skirt at Anthropologie this weekend. I only had about 10 minutes from the time I entered until the time I left, but it was nice that nobody was screaming or crying for the entire ten minutes.
14. The boys and I had an impromptu little desert date at the bakery. Anderson wanted a cupcake and a cookie. They actually had a cupcake-shaped cookie. Lucky day.
15. I made Anderson a little pillow case for his new bed. I kind of love it. He does, too.

Hmmm...Anderson sure does wear a lot of stripes.

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