Monday, May 28, 2012

Prehistoric Pets

Anderson likes "creepy things" lately- bugs, spiders, komodo dragons. You know, normal toddler stuff. Its started with this National Geographic movie and his been going strong for a couple of months now. He has already decided which creatures we will all be for Halloween. Baby Beck gets to be a lady bug "because he's cute, mommy". One afternoon a few weeks ago Gabe took him to Prehistoric Pets and he has been telling me about it ever since. What better way to spend our family day then hitting In N Out and then heading over to check us out some amphibians. Reptiles? Both? While there we saw lots of creatures (including the sweetest baby turtles only about the size of my thumb), watched other kids feed the turtles (I was not about to pay $4 to have Anderson dump a bunch of giant worms on my feet), tried on T-Rex masks, and even watched Mother Nature at her finest (let's just say that the male giant tortoise has lots of stamina). Anderson loved it all.

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