Monday, May 14, 2012

On being a mom

Some days are awesome, most are pretty great, some are a challenge, and others hello, today!!! make me look back fondly on the days where I thought kids were for suckers. I am not one of those cheerleader, "Oh my God being a mom is the best job in the world!", "every moment is a gift kind" of moms. I love my boys. I have fun with them every day. I try to do right by them and set a good example for how to be a good, responsible, respectable human being with proper grammar and an appreciation for home-cooked food. I get tired, I get cranky, I lose my temper on occasion. I let myself down with the way I handle certain situations. I am just a regular mom. No prizes for mother of the year, but I have two awesome little boys whom I adore like no other and who make me happy far more often than they make me want to pull my hair out. I am lucky and extremely grateful.

Yesterday on Mother's Day I spent a lot of time thinking about how much life has changed since becoming a mom. So much so that I barely remember what it was like. What did I do with all that free time? I am a mom now. It defines me. It dictates every decsion I make and it has forever chamnged who I am and who I will become. It makes me a better person and it makes me question every single move I make. It gains me entry into a not-so-secret society of women who need only to look at one another to understand eachother. It gives me purpose.

From Mother's Day:
 Our attempt at a self-portrait. I gave up very quickly.
Kind of blurry, but one of my favorites yet.

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