Monday, October 1, 2012

Good Day

The weekends are a bit crazy around here as Saturday is the only day of the week we are all home as a family. It is often spent cleaning, running errands, and just trying to get organized after the busy week. This Saturday was no exception as I had about 18 projects that I was hoping to get accomplished, but as Gabe reminded me "it's family day". And so on a family adventure we went.

We started at the Orange County Zoo which I just love. It is small, very clean, and easy to to lap around in under an hour.
We groomed some goats,
saw some bears,
watched some beavers,
and measured our wing span (again).
I even tried to get in a picture, though this is as good as it got.
It was a short trip (we were there only about an hour), but probably more fun for that very reason.
We skipped lunch Pretzels are good enough, right? This is family day! and went out on a mission to cure my gelato craving. Seriously, enough with this heat already. As deliciousness comes at a price ($4 a scoop, to be exact) we had to share.
And somebody wanted more than their fair share. I believe there was shrieking as I threw the cup away. Oh, Beck, I'm afraid you and I are far too much alike.
We wandered into the sunglasses shop where Anderson quickly got in trouble for putting on every pair of glasses in sight and was banned to the stroller. So I did what any insane mother would do and I gave him my way too expensive for little kids to play with camera and let him take pictures. I giggled as I uploaded them thinking about what he saw and what he attempted to photograph. Needless to say there were about 100 shots of Beck's attached stroller seat and about 50 pictures of random people and fuzzy lighting fixtures. At least I know he appreciates succulents as much as I do.
All of this and we were still home by 2:30, made a trip to Michaels for some spooky decorations and came home and glittered up some skeleton bones.
The day ended as most Saturdays do around here- kids in bed at 6 and then a whole evening of Thai take-out, Mad Men, and yes, even more ice cream. I have a problem, I tell you.
Days like this serve to remind me of just how nice it can be to give up the plans and just get out together. Sometimes the most unexpected adventures are the very best.

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