Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A very happy day, indeed

Anderson turned 3 on Monday. Last year Gabe was in Austin and I was in the hospital on his birthday and we have felt guilty about it ever since. This year we both ditched work so we could celebrate all day long with our favorite 3 year old. 

The day started with decorations
and a sad, backwards number 3 pancake.
We played with new cars
 and made roads for new cars
 and watched cartoons about cars. And grabbed cars.
 We made a tent and read about the zoo.
 We rode the train
 and you showed off your new pose.
 We played on the playground.
 Even Daddy.
 And Baby Beck
 who is just too cute with his static-y hair.
 There were spontaneous kisses
 and a trip to the zoo.
 We saw goats
 and brushed their hair
 and told them it was your birthday
 and measured our wing span.
 I even snuck in a photo.
 That's a pretty giant bear back there.
 We went for an early dinner at Ruby's because you wanted a hamburger
but you ordered a hot dog.
 The choochoo souvenir did not leave your side.
 We hoped they would bring you cake and sing, but an ice cream sundae and your mom and dad singing was good enough.

 And we finished the day on the carousel.
 One of the best days we have all had in a long time. Birthdays are the best.

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