Sunday, October 7, 2012


On Thursday morning Beck decided that 3:53 am was just as good an hour as any to wake up and start the day. Anderson wasn't too far behind him at 5:15 due to some over zealous squeals as Beck and Gabe played downstairs. All of this probably would have been fine as my alarm goes off at 5 am every day to get up and ready for work, but of course this was one of only a few late start days where I didn't have to be up until 5:45, 6 if I were feeling particularly sleepy. Needless to say Beck was already down for his first nap before I left the house at 6 am.

On Thursday night Anderson snuck into our bed around 11:45. Seems his feet were cold and he has yet to understand that pulling up the covers is an easy fix. Though Gabe hadn't even come up yet I was quickly relegated to an 18 inch edge or my should-be-large-enough-for-2 king size bed. He stayed all night and miraculously stayed asleep but I woke up with a crick in my neck that is still lingering 4 days later. A good mom always gives her babies the good pillows, right?

Friday night I was so excited to go to bed I could hardly stand it. But somewhere around 8 pm Beck began to fuss and ultimately cry and could not be quieted for more than a few minutes at a time. This went on for hours. Hours. I tried to let him cry it out as it seemed that he only wanted attention because the second we picked him up he would fall asleep. Being the terrible mother I am I finally turned the monitor off sometime after 10. I was too tired. At 2:30 I was awoken by Gabe holding Baby Beck who had apparently been awake since I tuned him out. Mother of the year? He was inconsolable but finally gave into little stretches of sleep snuggled up in between us. He awoke often for the rest of the night, but at least we were in bed and he was sleeping peacefully when he was, in fact, asleep. Clearly something was wrong, but there was nothing we could see, hear, or feel. Turns out he had a cold by mid-morning yesterday and must have just been feeling miserable. I assume he wanted to sleep while being held because he probably had pressure in his little head that was compounded when lying down. Poor guy.

Sleep or lack thereof is not something I usually complain about, but those few nights in a row made for one grumpy mama. Thankfully once we had things all figured out and were able to get everyone the correct amount of covers, potions, and elixirs we got a long night of sleep last night. Both kids even slept in which is so, so rare.

It's such a guessing game, parenthood is. So often it is a matter of trying to rule out and piece things together in an effort to understand why things have suddenly changed or been interrupted. Sometimes my hunches are right, but most of the time I feel I am just taking a shot in the dark. Maybe sometimes there is no reason at all for certain disruptions to their normal routines. Who knows. When in doubt, however, I always blame teeth. Because that seems to be what every other mom uses to explain away undesirable behaviors, right?

That picture was most definitely NOT taken this past weekend, but rather one summer day when sleep was all that Beck wanted to do.

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