Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer from 1-51, according to my phone

Too many moments without my camera in hand made for a summer captured haphazardly on the phone. Blurry, poorly-lit, and at times downright awful, these photos remind me of one of the best summers of my life.

Here they are, fifty-one un-edited mostly! happy memories as captured by my cell phone.
  1. afternoons in the lawn while the neighbors babysat played with the boys
  2. endless messes
  3. babies in sunglasses
  4. our caterpillar that perished after nearly two weeks (Anderson still thinks he turned into a butterfly and flew away)
  5. sewing projects started, some finished, some not
  6. icees, icees, icees
  7. buying more fruit than we could possibly consume
  8. In-n-Out making dinner a no-brainer
  9. fresh-squeezed lemonade
  10. Saturday nights with Thia food and Mad Men
  11. getting wet every chance we could
  12. being too tired to make it through the day, but too proud to ever admit it
  13. re-discovering the amazingness of the public library
  14. forgetting to return those amazing books
  15. first day of preschool
  16. taking just morning for my self
  17. many trips to the fabric store searching for inspiration
  18. celebrating our country
  19. ladybug hunting at Shipley Nature Center
  20. more than a few melt-downs
  21. sunflowers taller than all of us
  22. first of many popsicles
  23. visiting Prehistoric Pets for a little one-on-one time with our friends in the reptile world
  24. picnics, picnics everywhere
  25. date night to Pageant of the Masters
  26. impromptu late-night coffee date
  27. not-so-helpful laundry helper
  28. strip with cheese at Dwight's
  29. trekking to the pool 3 times a week even though we have one in our own back yard
  30. tomatoes on everything!
  31. clothing optional dance parties
  32. about 437 trips to Target
  33. goggle boy
  34. organizing way less than anticipated, but thinking about it more than I should have
  35. Friday morning story time
  36. working on the little things
  37. rewarding good behavior
  38. celebrating Gabe's birthday like a couple of teenagers on a date
  39. a single rainbow that only moments later became a double
  40. carrots for breakfast
  41. cookies as big as your face for breakfast
  42. LA adventures with Miss Jihan
  43. cupcake ATM!
  44. avoiding the heat and hitting the carousel
  45. sacrificing green sweaters
  46. grocery shopping with two over active little boys
  47. Little Elton
  48. spending time with old friends
  49. consuming entirely too much ice cream
  50. visiting the Mexican market for a birthday fiesta
  51. spending lazy mornings at the beach with my two favorite little people

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