Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gabe had a birthday

We celebrated Gabe's birthday last week in the nicest way possible- a homemade cake, some good food, and a few of our closest friends and family members. It was a perfect afternoon. Even better was the fact that we hired a babysitter and had a real out-to-dinner-date the next night.
I made my first ever German chocolate cake. Such a weird recipe, but so, so good. It's even better for breakfast. ;)
It was so hot and perhaps we could have dressed up for the occasion, but that's the beauty of small parties with only those closest to you- nobody cares what you're wearing.
Anderson is still trying to understand the dfifference bewteen blowing and spitting.
Gabe is so very lucky to have such creative friends. Jihan's box of goodies was way better than the already returned sunglasses I got him.

I too often forget to celebrate the person who means the most to me and it was nice to do something special for him. Happy birthday, Gabe.

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