Sunday, September 16, 2012


Beck, you were out of our sight not more than 10 seconds and then we heard a thud followed by that unmistakable high pitched "come quick I am hurt!" scream. Apparently somewhere between our room and yours you fell on a toy (or maybe the tube of diaper cream?) and got a puncture wound right on the corner of your eye. A morning that started off with everyone happy and smiling turned into a long afternoon of debating whether or not to take you to get a little glue on your eyelid that seemed to continue to bleed for hours. In the end Grandma and I decided it was fine to treat you at home with a little tape, some Tylenol, and a lot of lovies instead of subjecting to you the emergency room. Ughhh...why do these things always seem to take place just minutes before Daddy has to walk out the door for work?! Things got even better when you tried to give Buddy some cake crumbs and he snipped at your finger. Oh, and you are teething and fighting a cold. Seriously a bad weekend all around. I am keeping my fingers crossed for at least a few more consecutive hours of sleep tonight, though I will be making extra coffee for the morning just in case. One and a half is truly a tough age. Hang in there, baby. I love you, little Bruiser.

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