Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So long, 2012

I had all but forgotten about my list of goals for 2012 until I sat down to scroll through my posts from this last year and there they were. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to cross off even one item as such lists are typically not my strong suit. A list maker, I am. A list sticker-wither, not so much. A new list is sure to follow, but for now I am holding myself accountable for what began exactly one year ago today.
  1. Finish the garage organization process. So I am beginning to think this just may never happen. Ughh...
  2. Make the master bedroom a place I actually like to be. It's not quite there yet (or rather it is exactly where it was at this time last year), but as of last Friday I have chosen the paint color, bought the curtains and the rod, and gotten new sheets. I was supposed to be painting tonight, but that is so not going to happen.
  3. Make saving money a priority. It's not that it's not a priority, it's just that here simply is none to spare. I totally sense a goal for 2013 here.
  4. Document it all. Maybe I haven't sat down to write about all of it, or even half of it, but I have made the effort. Between the thousands of photos, instagram, and this blog, I would say this year has been immortalized relatively well.  
  5. Paint the living room. Yes!
  6. Contact friends with whom I have only exchanged Christmas cards over the past couple of years. There are still a couple on my list, but far less than last year.
  7. Live a bit greener (that sounds so much better than "cheaper", doesn't it?). I haven't bought paper towels (though, admittedly, I had a back supply of about 4 rolls), dryer sheets, or cleaners (except one fabulous smelling Method counter spray that I can't even bring myself to use for fear it will run out) in a year. And I did try very hard to make my own laundry soap only to find one of the key ingredients nearly impossible to come by. Who was I kidding, anyway?
  8. Give hand-made more often. This has no doubt been my favorite goal to reach.
  9. Enjoy the moment. I am hesitant to cross this off as I am not sure I will ever feel this goal has been sufficiently accomplished.
  10. Organize the drawers. Not only organized, but still organized nearly a year later.
  11. Kill the clutter. Though Gabe will likely disagree, I must say that I have been much better about this. I still worry, though, that there may have been something fabulous in that back issue of Real Simple I just passed along.
  12. Reflect. Not nearly enough, but more than ever before.
This year has been challenging, exciting, at times extremely frustrating, educational and very fun. I have gotten to know my little family in a way that is so difficult when the babies are, well, babies. We have fought, cried, hugged and loved more than ever. All in all it has been a really good year that, as so many do, has passed all too quickly.

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