Monday, January 21, 2013


"Daddy, I'm mad at mommy!"
It was 5:15 am and almost too early to care, but I did. I do. Telling us he is angry or upset or sad is nothing new, but expressing anger specifically at me? Well, I guess it's a sign he is growing up faster than I can even fathom. How quickly these entirely dependent, emotionally immature little creatures grow into their own independent, free-thinking little selves capable of not only experiencing, but identifying a whole range of emotions far beyond the "I'm sad" and "I'm mad" of toddlerdom. Here we go...

Oh, and the reason for the anger? He wanted me to read to him at 5:15 am. In the dark. While I was asleep. And while I am sure every other mother in the universe would have joyfully sprung up and put on their best children's librarian voice to really bring life to the iPad story of how dinosaurs came to their ultimate demise before the sun was even considering rising, I simply did not want to. And I faked it. And that, to an almost 4 year old, is infuriating. He stomped off and told me he was "getting out of here", to which I may or may not have replied (under my breath, of course) "good, just let me sleep".

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