Monday, January 28, 2013


It seems all the males in this house have been hit by some virus or another. Gabe has some sort of flu (which I diagnosed as the Norovirus because Google has made me an amateur MD), Anderson was diagnosed with croup (for real, when it come to the kids I see an actual doctor) and Beck has had a mild fever and congestion which I am crossing my fingers turns in to nothing more. It has been 3 days of laundry, Lysol, hand-sanitizer and bleach. Not to mention unacceptable amounts of Spongebob, dinosaur documentaries, and the Disney Channel. While Gabe is quarantined in our bedroom being grumpy, I have been trying to at least enjoy the snuggles that come from 2 sick little boys. This, too, shall pass. Quickly, I hope. Sleeping on the couch and dealing with grouchy sickies is terrible.

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