Sunday, April 1, 2012


Baby Beck,
Today you are one. I have written so many things about how fast the year has gone, how I feel like we just brought you home, how I can't believe this day is already here; but none of them seem to express what I really want to say to you which is that I love you to pieces. I love you more and more each day and I honestly never thought I could open my heart this much. You are such a blessing to this family and our world is better because you are here.

This year you have grown from the tiniest baby I had ever seen, much less held, into a sweet, happy, teetering little guy on the verge of taking your first steps. You have conquered sleeping, teething, and solids and you are beginning to make utterances that we swear are real words. "Ba" clearly equals ball. Or balloon. Or baba. Either way, you are absolutely right! You are becoming our own person, you are finding your way, and are happily independent.

As I have forged through trying to be a good mom to two boys this year you have remained my faithful side kick. You have given me the strength t keep going on days when I felt I couldn't and you have done nothing but make me feel I must be doing something right. You are my buddy. Anderson has been a daddy's boy from the get-go, but you are happiest with your mama. It is only a matter of time before you, too, discover that Daddy is the sweet spot, that he is the giver of candy and chocolate milk and will do just about anything to keep you from getting upset. So for now I am taking it all in, enjoying every reach of your arms, every snuggle before bed, every nuzzle I can get. I feel a connection to you that I cannot explain. A feeling that ties us together in a special way that I am fairly certain will cause us to battle at times, but that will be something nobody else will ever understand or experience.

Baby Beck, you are loved beyond words.

Happy birthday, baby. My gift to you is an open heart and all the love I have. I love you always.


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