Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Day

Yesterday was Baby Beck's birthday and we spent it doing Baby Beck things. Well, maybe more the things that Anderson told me Baby Beck wanted to do (which surprisingly sounded a lot like the things Anderson likes to do). Since Gabe had to work, we started by going to an early morning pancake breakfast before he headed out and then I spent the whole rest of my day having fun with my boys.

The morning started with plenty of fun with wilted helium balloons from the party...favorite gift by far
 then out for pancakes
 which you LOVE
 and so does Anderson
 whom you also LOVE (maybe even more than pancakes)
 You were lucky enough to receive the ever popular giant number birthday balloon ("buh, buh, buh!!!!")
 Anderson was very good about sharing and playing with you the whole day
 He told me you wanted to go on the carousel. Twice.
 And see the Easter Bunny
 I think maybe he liked that more than you.
 He also said you needed to have Easter cookies.
 Clearly he was correct.
 Anderson pushed you around like a very helpful big brother.
 You got some new jeans (and Anderson a new shirt).
 And we walked back and forth over the bridge for absolutely no reason at all (again, Anderson said you really, really wanted to)
You both napped for a bit
 and then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 Your brother gave you impromptu birthday hugs all day long
 and we tried our hardest to take our own picture (nice carrot, Anderson).
 You had spaghetti for dinner (your favorite)
 and your brother and I sang a pretty fabulous rendition of "Happy Birthday" to you.
 You were happy.

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