Monday, April 30, 2012


1. Finally got everything planted for the spring. Our little garden is full of tomatoes, lemons, zucchini, crook-neck squash, strawberries, parsley, chives, and basil. We also planted a few giant sunflowers for good measure.

2. I made a new batch of the salted caramel chocolate chip bars with much greater success. The key was cold butter and a much longer baking time than stated in the recipe. We've eaten the whole pan. The whole pan. In 2 days. We have a problem with sweets in this house.

3. We are walking that fine line between naps and no naps around here. On the days Anderson wakes up at the crack of dawn I can usually get him to lay down in our bed for a "rest" (because he refuses to take a "nap". Ha!)

4. Work is crazy. Always. I'm not sure why I make the effort to clear my desk at the end of each day as it looks this way within five minutes of my walking in the door every morning.

5. We took Elsie and Anderson for ice cream for the first time and they got to sit on the Beef Palace cows. One of the few things that hasn't changed since I was little.

6. Anderson is obsessed with his bike. We take it wherever we go. Sometimes he is so excited to ride I cannot even get him to put his pants on. That's passion.

7. Anderson may have the absolute cutest buns on a bike seat but Baby Beck's feet just kill me. I love them. These shoes are just about too small and I will miss them. They have served both boys well.

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