Friday, April 20, 2012


Anderson, you may just be the only kid on the planet who goes into hysterics because you "neeeeed" to eat lettuce. I have the video to prove it. Though I cannot show it to you here as my technological capabilities are not so advanced as to be able to upload it.

The incident went something like this: We went to the "farm park", aka Golden View, to feed the animals and play on the playground. I packed a bag of produce that was most definitely past its prime. We started to feed the bunnies and you decided you wanted to eat the lettuce. You decided you neeeeded said lettuce and began to throw a fit. Never to be one to deny my boy his veggies I tore away the outer leaves and let you pick at the core. Gross. But you were content. Chewing on your lettuce core you were happy.

Until there were no more leaves acceptable for human consumption. At which point you began to scream. Loudly. "Leeeettuuuuuce!!!!!!!!!! Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce! I want lettuce right NOW!" Oh my word. I offered goldfish, candy, water, anything I had and you refused. I would have given you chocolate covered chocolate bars if they would have made you happy. But you just kept screaming for lettuce. And kept trying to steal the bag of rotten vegetables. Wouldn't you know the animals weren't very hungry that day and there was not a trash can in sight?

I decided it was time to get out. As nice families watched, I followed my screaming child to the car. "Leeeettuuuuuuce!!!!!" I'm not sure if they were embarrassed for me because you were screaming or if they were secretly jealous that my kid was so obsessed with his leafy greens. Either way, we high tailed it out of there with the promise of some nice fresh lettuce when we got home.

On the way home we stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's for something and you asked demanded that I get some lettuce while you and Baby Beck waited in the car. By the time I came back out to the car you were asleep. But not so asleep you couldn't do this:
That's right. You ate the lettuce in your sleep. You absolutely did not want to wake up, but you just couldn't resist that cold crisp Romaine.

I don't think I will ever understand how the mind of a 3 year old works.

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