Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Underwear Update

Exactly one week ago today we had a nearly three year old who absolutely refused to use the potty. On Thursday, however,  he told me how much he wanted to go to school, begged in fact. When I told him there were no diapers allowed in school he quickly grabbed his underwear and decided it was time. Less than a week, only 3 accidents, and not even  a whole tube of M&M minis later and we have a boy who actually tells us when he needs to go (which is a very good thing, because we were probably not as good about asking as we should have been). Apparently last Wednesday he just wasn't ready. Last Thursday he was. Almost 3 year olds are funny like that.
Surely there will be more accidents. And we haven't even begun to think about night time (he's still in a crib, so how would that even work?) nor have we pressured him into doing anything other than pee pee. But for now we are thrilled. Of course the UPS man delivered a box of 100 diapers just last week; good thing we have another diaper wearer in the house.

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