Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monster trucks, kitty cats, and rainbows

Anderson, your party was a success. You wanted monster trucks, kitty cats, and rainbows, and that is exactly what you got.  The monster trucks and kitty cats weren't much of a surprise, but the last minute addition of rainbows kind of threw me for a loop. I guess when you're three, that's just how your mind works. Nothing has to "match"; nothing needs to make sense to anyone but you. I even Googled "monster truck and kitty cat party" thinking maybe, somewhere, some other little boy had made such a request, but apparently you are as unique and original as I've always known you to be!

And so it was. Monster trucks, kitty cats, and rainbows all wrapped into one little family party. We had to have the party inside due to a rainy day (no rainbow, though- how perfect would that have been?!) and I was very glad we kept the numbers small for that reason alone. (Not to mention the fact that if there had been anymore kids in the play room while hitting at the piñata, such a bad idea, surely someone would have gotten a bat to the head!) The goal was a small-scale, homemade birthday party on a budget and we had exactly that. As I was getting wrapped up in something non-significant while preparing everything, it took Daddy to remind me that this party was for you, not me. You don't care if I spend $10 or $1000, if the napkins match the plates, or if the candy bags have a matching sticker, so long as you are with your friends and family. You're pretty great like that.

You played, you laughed, you ate way too much candy and you loved every bit of it. You talked about your party all night long and woke up still talking about it. You are so loved and it is so fun to be able to give you exactly what you want for your special celebration. Happy birthday, baby boy! (But next year, please give me a simpler request for your cake. That rainbow cake was just a bit much!)

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