Friday, February 3, 2012


There was a little accident with the scissors last week. Turns out that Mommy is not nearly as skilled at cutting very straight toddler hair as she is at cutting Daddy's very textured, very wavy hair that camouflages even the most substandard barber skills. Needless to say the "twist then cut" method is a bad idea. A very bad idea. Anderson's first trip to the barber (beauty salon? hair cutting place? whatever...) was inevitable. As I am unlikely to pay $20 again for a 7 minute haircut, we took lots of pictures to remember the fun times (OK, and maybe to remember some of her cutting, I mean, buzzing techniques for future reference).
 I thought it looked bad the first day...
 ...then we saw what it looked like when he woke up the next day
 Beck was a very patient observer.
 A little hair in the face nearly caused a melt down which was quickly avoided by the promise of a lollipop
Man this place has a lot of bright colors going on.
 The aforementioned lollipop.
 Happy boy!
Looks like someone else is in need of a trim here pretty soon.

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