Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Beck : 8 months

Oh my, my little baby boy, eight months came so quickly that it was the tenth before I even took your picture (well, there was a little issue with a lost number 8 and trips to various stores to find a replacement, but I digress). I have decided that it will be easier for me to recall what's been going on with you in a more concise format so I am breaking things down into categories. It is amazing how much happens in a month!

Teeth: You still have none. Not a bump, not a bud, not even a little puffy spot.

Eating: You love to eat. Love it. I am still making all of your baby food so perhaps you have been a little limited in your offerings, but so far the menu consists of carrots, butternut and acorn squash, sweet potatoes (are those the orange ones? Or are those yams? Who knows, but you love them), green beans, peas, and recently yogurt. You eat oatmeal every morning and we are now up to three meals a day with Cheerios as a hunger suppressant in between.

Drinking: You are still nursing (or drinking pumped milk while I'm at work) 4-5 times a day. You seem to be less and less interested in nursing and I am pretty sure it is because you can get milk faster through a bottle. This is killing me, by the way, for multiple reasons which I will not get in to, but I am hoping when I am off the next two weeks we will get everything back up to a high production rate. I am not at all ready to give this up just yet. On a different note, you absolutely love to drink water and have even learned to hold your own sippy cup. Man are you cute.

Sitting: You're almost there. I am fairly certain you can sit, you just choose not to. You would rather stand which makes me tired because I am holding you constantly. Though I love that things are not flying by super fast, I am excited for you to sit so that I don't have to hold you every second of the day.

Crawling: Nope. You should probably learn to sit first. But oh how you love to roll! I keep putting you up on all fours, but I think we are a ways off.

Sleeping: You sleep like a champ. You are now asleep for the night by 5:30 or so. You sleep all night until somewhere between 4:30 - 5:30 when you sometimes (3-5 times a week?!) wake up and begin to play. I can usually go into your room and sneak you a paci and you will fall back asleep. Some mornings I'm not so lucky. I am sure this is my fault as I have let it happen, but really it is no big deal as I am usually up at that time anyway. The way I see it is that I can go in and re-position you (you wedge yourself into the corner) and give you a paci which takes all of 10 seconds or I could let you wake up which means we all have to be awake that early. I'd rather sleep a bit more, thank you.

Talking/laughing/babbling: Well, apparently you are not some abnormal prodigy child who begins to speak at 6 months, but you have really found your voice in the last couple of weeks. You have different laughs, squeals, and spontaneous outbursts, all of which make us giddy. You are truly communicating in your own language and it is so much fun to watch.

Crying: Thankfully you still don't cry unless you are overly tired or hungry. As I have learned with your brother, however, that is only temporarily. Apparently crying is not for babies, it is for toddlers.

Schedule: As much as people give us grief about it, we are pretty rigid with your schedule. You wake up, play, drink milk, nap 1-2 hours later, play and eat, nap again, repeat (though I never put you down past 3 and I do not let you sleep past 4), play, eat dinner around 4:30, bath, and bed at 5:30. I'm a stickler.

Toys: You want whatever Anderson has. You love his trucks, his trains, and his socks. Your current favorite thing to play with is a plastic bowl. You're easy.

Miscellaneous: You like to pull hair and grab teeth. You love to have your tummy tickled. You are very good at being left on the floor by yourself for a few minutes(does that make me a bad mom? Probably, but I can't hold you every minute of the day and you refuse to learn to sit!). You are still wearing 6-12 month clothing and you go through about 5-7 diapers a day. While I cook dinner you sit in your jumpy and watch me. You love for us to sing to you. You are so stinking cute and you are the most fun after your bath. My favorite time with you is between the time you finish dinner and the time you go to sleep. You are so happy, so funny, so sweet.

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