Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Beck is 5 months old!

Now you just stop it right now. You are growing like a little weed. Two weeks ago I was shoving blankets under your tippy toes when I put you in your jumpy against your will. Now your feet are planted pretty darn flat on the ground and you are a much more willing jumper. You have just recently discovered that you can grab your feet and even more recently discovered that you can grasp your toys as well. You shriek, you squirm and you have learned to use your feet to push you around, almost like an upside down caterpillar. You are sweet and cozy and I can't get enough of you. You are pretty much perfect. You don't cry (tired or hungry aside). You don't resist anything. You are calm and happy. You love your brother.  You love attention. You sleep. A lot. It seems you can only stay awake about an hour and a half before needing to nap again and at night you are down from 6 to 6 (though I am working hard on eliminating that unexplained midnight paci plug-in and the 2 am feeding). Seriously, you are sleeping about 16 hours a day. Oh to be you for just one day. Baby Beck, our lives are better because you are here. We love you so. (And I still think your hair is going to be some sort of variation of red, just for the record.)

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  1. Happy 5 months, sweet Beck! I can't believe it! That yellow #5 looks perfect next to his perfect coloring! I love the 5th picture from the top and the 5th picture from the bottom. He's so expressive! And he really is such an easy going baby boy!