Monday, August 29, 2011

Budget Schmudget

A food mill, a new faucet, new door knobs for the entire house, a new dress, some new pants, new dish towels (mine are getting kind of grungy), a 36" flat screen for the play room, a Frappucino, some fabric for new pillows in the bedroom, 31 Flavors, some fancy dish soap, a Groupon for Lasher's, a new car, some new clothes for both boys, and new makeup are all things that I thought about buying today. Like in the last 12 hours. Is this normal? Please tell me this is normal. I mean I don't really think I'm obsessed with shopping as I don't actually spend money on all of these things. But I think about them. All day. Every time I walk from one room to another something pops into my mind that I would like to have. I mean I truly believe I could blow through wads of cash every day if only given the opportunity. I think it is the same sensation that prompts me to indulge int the dollar section at Target every time I'm there (though maybe that is a different sensation all together which only makes my problem worse). And although I am not obsessed with shopping per se, I seem to spend quite a bit of money all the same. And its running out. Quickly.
Today I actually thought about going on a bit of a debt diet. Really, how hard could it be to go a whole month only buying the necessities? Trips to Target could be wonderfully streamlined, only buying those important items off the list such as toilet paper and tooth paste, not a new sweater and earrings and a Hot Wheel for Anderson. I could plan my menus and go to the grocery to buy only those ingredients I need for the recipes instead of filling my basket with "Mini Mint Mouthfuls" and dark chocolate covered salted caramel bites.
Yes! I can do it. I can give up fancy coffee and wear my old pre-pregnancy clothes. I can cook at home and settle for eating what we have instead of going out and getting what I feel like. I can use coupons (Lord knows I spend enough time clipping them!) I can live within my means and and give our budget a little breathing room. At least I think I can. Well, maybe it's more like I hope I can. I suppose all I can do is try. And given that I did not buy one un-necessary item today I think I'm off to a pretty good start. Though, technically, the month hasn't started yet so I guess it was more just like practice.

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  1. We are right there with you! I think the debt diet might be like a Weight Watchers diet...It stinks in the beginning and all you can think about are the foods that are off the points charts, but once those skinny jeans start fitting a bit better around the hips, the motivation and discipline really kick in. So, once you see some money adding up in the bank account, or you've gone an entire months sticking to your budgetary plan, then the motivation to save will take over. This is what I'm hoping, anyhow :) On both diets, actually ;)