Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Beck turns 3 moths old!

Baby Beck, how is it that you are already 3 months old?! (Three and a half, actually, but I'm a bit late with these things lately). In the last month you have begun to smile, coo, gurggle, and drool. You have (thankfully!) dicovered your jungle gym (which can earn mama up to about 20 minutes of hands-free time) and you have made it perfectly clear that you must have a nap that ends right at 5:00 in order to make it to bedtime (6:30) without an epic melt-down. The debate continues as to whether or not you will be a red head. You regularly spit up on me and I have never changed so many diapers in my life, but you are so darn cute I just can't get upset. You are perfect and I love you to bits.

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