Friday, July 22, 2011

Anderson Digs Being 2

I have never known anyone, big or small, as obsessed with trucks, dirt, and construction as my sweet boy. He squeals at the sight of the garbage truck and goes crazy when passing a construction zone. He loves street sweepers, bulldozers, and cranes. He can spend hours watching "Mighty Machines". This kid loves "bee yucks" (translation: big trucks). Only a construction-themed party would do. Due to hospital bed-rest and his little brother coming quite a bit earlier than expected, Anderson had to wait until over a month after his birthday for his celebration. Somehow I doubt he noticed. Needless to say, planning this party first from my hospital bed and then with a newborn was harder than anticipated , but we did it (thanks in huge part to Miss Jihan). Details were skipped, a huge bag of decorations and favors were never used, and many guests who would have made the original date could not make the re-schedule, but my boy got his party. And he loved it. Or, he "dug" it, as it were.
 I was really pleased with how the invites came out. After finding a lot of inspiration, but nothing quite right I had to create my own design. Drawing that bulldozer in Illustrator was a beyond frustrating, but at least now I can have a bulldozer on anything I want!

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