Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spider Love

About two weeks ago I asked Anderson what kind of Valentines he wanted to give to his friends at school. The conversation went something like this:
    "What kind of Valentines do you want to hand out?"
    "Like Spiderman?"
    "No, just spiders."
I gave it a couple of days and asked again...
    "Mommmmmy. I already told you; I want spiders!"

So spiders it is. Perhaps the only non-result-wielding Valentine on Pinterest. Fortunately a spider is within my very narrow spectrum of artistic capabilities. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to come up with something clever to say about spiders and friendship. I'm pretty sure Anderson has absolutely know idea what it means to be "inspiring".

These win for easiest design ever. And I think I may like them the best. And so does he. Arachnids for Valentine's Day, go figure.

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