Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't let the thought cross your mind

A few weeks back when Anderson had a cough I thought (and actually said out loud- double jinx!!!) how fortunate I was that it wasn't ear infection. The next day he had an infection in both ears. A few nights later I accidentally let myself think about the fact that Beck had been sleeping through the night for a few days straight. Up nearly every night since. Then I let the thought rest in my mind for no more than a millisecond that Anderson hadn't wet the bed in weeks. He then wet the bed every night (and mine, too) for more than a week.

Fast forward to last week when I actually allowed myself to not only think about, but to also plan the oh-so-many things I was going to accomplish during my week off. Needless to say not one was crossed off. Of course. And all because both of my kids were finally healthy at the same time for the first time in as long as I could remember and I thought about it, allowed myself to become happy about it even. And then Beck got sick. The sickest ever- ear infection, fever, cough, crying, screaming, miserable for days and still suffering over a week later. And the only thing worse than one sick kid is two and because I actually felt fortunate for a minute- it then happened. Anderson came down with croup. Again. For like the fifth time since September. 2 trips to the doctor's office, at least 5 sleepless nights, and about 15 mL of antibiotic repeatedly spit right on my face (thank you, Beck) superseded any plans I was crazy enough to even consider. My Monday morning 5am alarm for work could not have come any faster. The one and only upside- lots and lots of cuddles and mommy naps from my sickies. But of course I now have a cough, soar throat, and no voice. Because, well, I thought about it.

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