Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Palm Springs 2012

It's funny how my family never really seems that large until I am making reservations for 19 people in 5 hotel rooms. Three years ago my parents decided we should all get away for a weekend and we have since made it a family tradition including all of the siblings, spouses, and cousins. Last year we even added in Natalie's family for good measure because, after all, if you've been crazy enough to hang out with this family since about the age of 12 you are, in fact, family.

This year was as all of them are: hot (110!), chaotic, frenzied, hot, loud, sleepless, a tad bit relaxing, and, oh, hot. We swam, we shopped, we stayed up late and, when not disciplining children, we relaxed. The first night was tough as the kids adjusted to hotel sleeping arrangements, but by the second night when we gave in and decided to let Anderson stay up as long as he wanted, hello midnight! we were all in a groove.
The long weekend passed far too quickly and I vow to make it 4 nights next year. I am fairly certain this year was and will be the hardest purely due to the ages of the kids. Being good for 4 straight days is tough to do when you're hot and excited and overwhelmed!

This annual trip has become something I look forward to all year. I am so incredibly blessed and fortunate to spend time with my family as much as I do but spending quality time away from home serves to strengthen our relationships and understanding of each other in a way quick weekly visits simply can't.
There were few pictures taken this year and even fewer completed conversations (as there seemed to always be some little boy in desperate need of attention/a nap/a diaper change/etc.) but I loved it for all that it represents- the incredible love of my family. How lucky my kids are to grow up in such a large, loving, and supportive family.

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