Sunday, August 19, 2012

9 More Days

That's it. Just nine more days before I report back to work. Nine more mornings to sleep past 5 am. Nine more days of staying in my pajamas until there is actually a reason to get out of them. Nine more days of rushing nowhere.
This summer began with a to-do list a mile long which involved painting various rooms, cleaning and organizing drawers, dressers, and closets, and more sewing projects than any sane person could tackle. As it comes to an end I look around at the still faux-antiqued painted walls in the master bedroom, the overflowing drawers (though there is that one bag I filled for Goodwill back in June that still sits in the corner of the bedroom) and the stacks and stacks of cut fabric and I just don't have it in me to care. Because what started out as the summer of "get it done" quickly turned into the summer of "enjoy these days because the boys are growing up way too fast and you're supposed to be making memories here!". And so we have. We have made the most of the beach, the library, the pool, and the parks and we have made memories all along the way. I have enjoyed making the kids breakfast and watching cartoons and planning adventures and it has been so nice to work on friendships that go all but neglected during the school year. The ugly walls will still be there over Thanksgiving break and the drawers, well, they can just be closed. And the sewing? It's coming along, but my inspiration seems to have melted with the heat.
I'm not sure how we will spend these last remaining days of summer, probably no differently than we have spent the last 8 weeks, but with each day I will take a few more pictures, I'll try to take a few more deep breaths and I will make every effort to enjoy these last few moments of freedom.

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