Monday, January 2, 2012

The bottle seems to be winning for now

Sadly it seems Beck is beginning to self-wean at only 9 months old. I've seen it coming for a couple of weeks now, but have just been holding out hope that it would pass. Such does not seem to be the case. I suppose I can't blame him, really. The bottle is faster and certainly more filling when he is wanting a snack and not enough time has passed since last nursing him to really satiate him. And nursing during the day has become increasingly distracted as there are far too many things in this world that captivate him more than looking up at my chin. 

Now gone are the night time pumping sessions and just this week we have added formula into the mix due to the dietary issues that have come up. I swear, watching him enjoy full bottles whenever, wherever makes me think I may have been starving him these past few weeks. OK, so I have been a bit protective over my stash of frozen milk. I mean if he was just messing around wanting a little snack and it was nowhere near time to nurse, I may have just crossed my fingers and given him Cheerios instead of defrosting milk because, hey, that milk is for when I am at work, darn it!

Sure, the freezer is still plenty stocked for now and I will continue to pump and nurse as long as both babe and body will allow, but right now I am just so grateful that I have a happy boy who adores his bottle (and his very nasty high iron formula- yuck).

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