Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - looking forward

2011 saw some really great times- the birth of Baby Beck, watching Anderson turn from a toddler into an awesome little boy, a few fun parties, and a couple of family vacations. But for all of the good, there was a lot of, well, crap. Money has been tighter than ever, time is shorter than ever, and I have felt like I have been on fast forward for what seems like forever. My mind is full of "if only"s and "someday"s and "in my next life"s. The year has been marked by countless ideas that never come to fruition, plans that never get made, and buckets full of envy for everyone who seems to have it all.
This year I vow to put family first and worry about nothing else. I have spent (read: wasted) way too much time worrying about what others think when "others" aren't the ones that matter. As this year begins the four of us have less time than ever together as a family and the time we have should be spent having fun, enjoying eachother, and making memories (cheap memories).

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