Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby Beck is 6 months old!

A half a year old already! Before I know it you'll be walking, talking, and cutting teeth. You are becoming increasingly difficult to photograph as you are like a little roly poly. You babble and giggle and can take hold of my hair like a strong man. You've been eating solids for a month now and we have worked our way up from rice cereal to sweet potatoes, carrots, and now butternut squash. It seems that carrots are your favorite, which is just fine by me as they are among the easiest to make.
As amazingly perfect as you are, I still can't seem to get you to shake your anywhere from 1:30-3:45 am feeding. Seriously, it needs to stop. Granted, you go to bed around 5:45 these days, but is it really necessary to wake up for a snack? Let's hope this doesn't go on much longer.
This month we've dealt with your first cold, numerous self-inflicted face scratches (cutting your nails is no small feat), and even a few knocks to the ground when Anderson decides he's finished holding you. You are a tough little cookie and you are doing a pretty good job holding your own around here. You love to bounce, blow bubbles and shake your toys. You adore your big brother. You make us happy. We love you so.

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