Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dino-mite Valentines

I'm not at all opposed to store-bought Valentines, but I am pretty sure I only have about a year or two before Anderson wants to ditch the homemade variety in favor of those with his favorite characters and catchy phrases. So until then I am all too happy to make them myself. With only 12 kids in his class it was easy to make not only little Valentines to pass out, but treat bags stuffed with pink heart-shaped rice krispie treats and chocolate chip cookies as well. What kid doesn't want a treat with their Valentine?

Because this is his first year in school, it was the first time he got to not only choose his design (as if there were any question it would be dinosaurs) and sign the back of each one (well, more like scribble, but it was very thoughtful, to be sure). I love that he was excited to participate. And I love that he came home with a bag full of little cards that we sat down and went through together. That was always the best feeling growing up- so much love!

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