Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sometimes the details are worth the effort

Fifty years together is a long time and a couple of weeks back I was honored to help my parents celebrate what is, in this day and age, nothing short of a miraculous feat. The party was the most fun I've ever planned, no doubt because of how deeply personal it was, right down to the fact that we held it in my brother's back yard. Everythign we designed, we designed for them and with the help of some amazing friends (thank you, Natalie and Jihan!) and very crafty family members we pulled off what was a simple yet elegant party for just under 100 guests. I am still in awe that the giant 50 my sister and I made out of coffee filters, card board, spray paint and glitter was the show stealer. Thank God no one peeked behind to see the massive amounts of duct tape involved. Too funny. There were speeches, a wall of hand-written memories sent in by guests, a slide show and more than a few partculary fabulous dance moves. It was a most perfect night full of love, music, and memories and one that neither my parents nor my family will soon forget.
all photos by Natalie Moser: Natalie Moser Photography
balloons: Geronimo
inspiration for the 50: found here, via pinterest
inspiration for the photo garlands: Angela Hardison
flowers and flower boxes: DIY

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