Monday, June 25, 2012

first day, far behind, and catching up

My first official day off of the summer and I am tired in that got stuff accomplished, had fun, soaked up the sun and made the most of my day kind of way. I organized the garage a bit, visited the dentist, took the kids to a children's event, made smoothies, played for hours in the sun and water, made a Target run, barbecued and had a dinner picnic in the backyard with all my boys, and kissed everyone goodnight before 6. Time for ice cream, a little internet-ing, and Mr. Grey. All in all a good day.

I am so far behind in keeping this blog up to date but I have made my self a promise that this ball will get rolling tomorrow. Or the next day. Well, at least this week, anyway.
a bucket of water  +  Baby Beck = a good half an hour of relaxing in a lounge chair

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