Monday, June 20, 2011

Third Time's the Charm (or something like that)

I have not posted on this blog since January of 2010 and, well, frankly, I have not missed it all that much. But just the other day I found myself thinking that I wish I were better about documenting life. That I really would like an outlet of sorts in which to scribe my thoughts, feelings, and general nonsense. So here goes. My third and final attempt at maintaining a blog. If I cannot keep it up this time I'm done. Finished. I will forever say goodbye to on-line journaling and hope for the best in terms of my memory. Though that really is a shot in the dark given what has happened to my once exceptional memory since birthing two kids. I can barely remember what I ate this morning and I have had to check my calendar three times today just to remember what I have planned for the week.

So here I begin to write, once again, with all the best intentions. And I am not going to worry this time. I am not going to bother to make attempts at witty posts or worry about how elementary my writing may sound. I am not going to take this little diary in any one direction to gain an audience. I'm just going to be me. If I want to talk about how my kids are driving me nuts or what I am making for dinner or why I just can't stop thinking about wallpapering at least one wall in my house, so be it. I will. And I know I'll be happier for it. Because I will have an outlet. A place where I can get things out and I can chronicle the ordinary days without having to touch pen to paper. Because really, I just hate the way my writing looks.

Here goes. Good luck to me.

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