Friday, June 24, 2011

5 Years

It's funny. I find myself on a daily basis commenting on how fast time seems to fly. How I feel as though I can't keep up and that I need the days to slow down just a little. Just long enough to catch my breath, take it all in, and get my walls painted. My boys are growing so fast and I'm certainly not getting any younger. But what I find most perplexing is that no matter how fast time seems to pass, I am always surprised when I think about my relationship with Gabe. Today marks our fifth wedding anniversary and yet it seems like so many more years have passed. I suppose it's in part because we were together for five years before getting married, but I also believe there is a quite different reason. When you are with someone who is truly your other half you just feel that they have always been there. Our lives have become so intertwined that it is hard to remember a time when he wasn't around. And I like it that way. And so happy anniversary to us. It has been a very {amazing, fabulous, at times difficult, adventurous, fun} real five years and I can't wait to experience so many more.

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