Wednesday, September 25, 2013

School started

It's been a couple of weeks since Anderson went back to school. Pre-kindergarten! I have no sappy, dramatic comments about how he's growing entirely too fast and will he just, oh my gosh, stay little forever because, actually, I kind of love all of this growing up stuff. He's becoming such a person. His thoughts, his opinions, his interests, his view of the world- they're all unique to him. His attitude? Well, that's unique to him, too. Help me. But this is about the beginning of what promises to be a pretty great year in school, filled with fun, art, music, and numbers as big as he can imagine. And letters! Oh, please, please, please let him flourish when it comes to writing his letters. I'm more than a little concerned at this point.
So he was not the happiest about the pictures before school or having his brother in the picture. This one's got attitude, I tell you.

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